Hippocrates stated ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’, this is the founding principle of nutritional medicine. Living in today’s fast paced, convenience driven society has meant that our food choices are not always based on what our bodies want but rather what is easy, fast or readily available. This way of eating has caused an epidemic of chronic lifestyle diseases which are easily preventable with dietary education and lifestyle changes.

With so much conflicting information on ‘the best way to eat’ it is no wonder we are all so confused by what we should be putting in our bodies; paleo, keto, vegan, macrobiotic the list goes on. That’s where I come in as a holistic nutritionist, it is my philosophy that every individual will thrive off different ways of eating and no particular ‘diet’ will suit everyone. I advocate a wholefoods diet, seasonal and local/organic where possible and I believe eating should be an enjoyable experience whether dining solo or in a social setting.

I believe in slowing down and savouring life, those little moments and for this reason I encourage mindfulness in eating, in moving, in breathing. I look forward to sharing this space with you.